EOS Network Participants Urged to Pursue Legal Action Against Block.one

• The founder of the EOS Network Foundation has suggested that legal action could be taken against Block.one (B1) for not investing the promised $1 billion in the EOS Network ecosystem.
• The other option proposed is a hard fork to exclude B1’s tokens from the network, in order to fully disassociate them from their former investor.
• The foundation is prepared to help bring together token holders and assist in making a legal claim against B1 if enough are interested.

EOS Network Participants Consider Legal Action Against Block.one

The founder of the EOS Network Foundation has suggested that participants should consider taking legal action against major investor Block.one (B1). This suggestion comes after B1 failed to invest the promised $1 billion during the network’s initial coin offering (ICO) in January 2018. Yves La Rose, founder of the EOS Network Foundation stated that this would be one way to hold B1 accountable for their broken promises regarding investment into the network ecosystem.

Alternative Option – Hard Fork

An alternative option proposed by La Rose was a hard fork which would exclude all tokens held by B1, completely disassociating them from their former backer. He also highlighted that token holders purchased tokens relying on representations of ongoing investment into EOS, which never came leading some to conclude that B1 never intended to make these investments.

Foundation Prepared To Assist In Claim Against B1

If there is enough interest from token holders in making a legal claim, then a class action lawsuit could be made by La Rose and his team at EOS Network Foundation who are prepared to assist anyone interested in bringing such an action forward against Block.one.

Current Trading Price Of Token

The current trading price of an EOS token is currently sitting at $0.85 having dropped 32% since April 14th as well as 2.5% over the past-24 hours according TradingView data sources. During its ICO back in 2018, it raised $4 billion however failed expectations due to lack of investments which were blamed on Block one shifting interests elsewhere towards Bullish crypto exchange .


In conclusion it seems like legal action could be taken against Block One for not fulfilling its promise regarding investments into EOStoken holders during its ICO back in 2018 and if there is enough interest amongst token holders then they have assistance available throught heE OS Network Foundation who can help bring together those interested and support any claims being made against B1