Analytical company Chainalysis will launch a programme to help government agencies store and sell confiscated cryptographic currency.

Chainalysis will partner with Asset Reality, a seized Crypto Bank asset management company.

„As our government partners move forward in the fight against malefactors, helping to recover and sell assets is the next logical step,“ it says.

Previously, the U.S. authorities had already sold confiscated bitcoins at auction. In June, the U.S. Federal Marshal Service issued a request to search for a contractor to accompany the digital assets from the time of their seizure to the next sale.

Chainalysis introduced a new solution after the US Department of Justice confiscated 69,370 BTCs associated with Silk Road on November 3. The company assisted the authorities in tracking 54 transactions.

Recall that in October Chainalysis reported revenue growth against the backdrop of increased demand for transaction tracking tools from law enforcement agencies.

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Chainalysis announced a programme to sell confiscated bitcoins.