Battle for NFT Market Share Ramps Up: OpenSea vs Blur

• The NFT market is becoming increasingly competitive as different platforms battle for creators and collectors
• OpenSea has been the leading platform in the NFT space since its launch in December 2017 and currently dominates with over 34,000 ETH in trading volume
• Blur has gained considerable momentum among JPEG slingers since its debut in October and has become the second-largest NFT marketplace by volume

NFT Market Competition Heats Up

The non-fungible token (NFT) space is becoming increasingly competitive as different marketplaces battle for creators and collectors. OpenSea, which launched in December 2017, continues to dominate the NFT scene, recording over 34,000 ETH of trading volume worth some $56 million last week according to blockchain data analytics platform Nansen.

Blur Rapidly Gaining Momentum

Competing marketplace Blur has seen rapid growth since its debut in October 2020. Known for its zero trading fees and marketplace “floor sweeping” features, Blur climbed to become the second-largest NFT marketplace within a couple of months by volume. For the week ending Feb 6th, Blur’s single day trading reached 1,160 ETH worth some $15.2 million – representing more than 25% of OpenSea’s 24-hour volume according to Dune Analytics.

OpenSea Dominance

OpenSea still dominates when it comes to number of sales and interacting wallets per day: Over 14 times more than Blur according to Nansen data. While Blur is still lagging behind OpenSea in terms of total market share, its rapid growth suggests that it could be well on its way to becoming a major player in the field soon enough.

Top 5 Projects By Volume

OpenSea’s top five projects by trading volume over the past 30 days were CryptoPunks ($14 million), Decentraland ($10 million), Cryptovoxels ($4 million), Sorare ($3 million) and Hic Et Nunc ($1 million). All five projects have conducted more than 50% of their overall trade volumes on OpenSea alone during this period.


As competition continues to heat up between OpenSea and Blur for a bigger slice of the NFT pie, one thing is clear: both platforms have carved out their own unique niches within the burgeoning digital art industry and are likely only going to get bigger from here on out.