Where does the Bitcoin price stand in 2030? 5 scenarios

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What will happen in the future with Bitcoin and the other crypto currencies? What will be the development from expert opinion until 2030 and what does the general future of crypto currencies look like?

A guest contribution of pure Schmidt: Today pensioner, artist and hobby astrologer would like to throw the learned banker, old hippie, globetrotter and quality manager of many years a completely different, unusual view of Krypto, Blockchain and the new time.
The Bitcoin course 2030 – predictions of 5 experts

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1. value prediction from 41.000 to 333.000 USD. Bobby Lee, co-founder of the Chinese Exchange BTCC said it will take 20 years for Bitcoin to reach USD 1 million. In his price forecast the value will reach USD 333,000 in 2021. Then the Bitcoin exchange rate will fall back to $41,000 in 2023.

The 2nd price forecast is 320,000 US dollars. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are the twin stars in the crypto market. Together they have gained more than one billion US dollars in net assets through Bitcoin. Cameron’s last statement showed a real buy signal.

If you look at a market capitalization of 100 billion US dollars and now rather 200 billion US dollars, there is a growth potential of 300 to 400 percent.

3. expert forecast says 500,000 US dollars. Mark Yusko was a bitcoin skeptic for a long time. Now, as CEO and CIO at Morgan Creek Capital Management, he saw that the hyperbullition of Bitcoin continues. His short-term forecast is set at $100,000 and $500,000 by 2030. Mark Yusko also believes that Bitcoin will achieve gold equivalence, with a focus on venture capital.

The 4th Bitcoin price forecast for 2030 is $700,000. John Pfeffer is a partner at Pfeffer Capital. He always backs up his predictions with mathematics. John’s statement was uncomplicated:

Bitcoin will become the dominant non-sovereign store of value. The new gold or the new reserve currency.

The 5th value prediction goes beyond one million US dollars. Since I could list more experts who predict a price between 0 and 1 million US dollars, I would like to share John McAfee’s thoughts here. McAfee is a very controversial figure in the crypto market. He recently stated that Bitcoin is certainly our future. He also firmly believes that other Fiat currencies will devalue, which will support Bitcoin growth.
What happens to Bitcoin by 2030?

Now that we have heard price forecasts from 10 experts up to 2020 in the last article and from 5 in this one, I would like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts on this as well. What will happen with Bitcoin in 2030? What is the future of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies?

One thing is certain: Cryptotechnology will determine our future life. We can earn, store, spend and trade crypto currencies at will. Light and simple. New application developments are already implemented.

UBS, the leading Swiss investment bank, replaced Sergio Ermotti with Ralph Hamers as the new CEO. Ralph is known as the former CEO of the Dutch ING Bank. But Ralph is even better known as „the“ digital banker. The rather dusty board of directors of UBS seems to have noticed in which direction the blockchain technology moves us. Lower costs and the freedom of customers to use Bitcoin instead of over-regulated FIAT currencies are leaving their mark everywhere.

The prediction by iMi Blockchain, the Swiss DLT experts, of what will happen with Bitcoin in 2030 is pretty clear:

Bitcoin is the Game Changer. You can talk down the importance of crypto currencies, but the future is cryptology. Bitcoin is more the new gold than any other resource on this planet.



A Bitcoin tem se mobilizado fortemente nas últimas semanas.
A principal moeda criptográfica subiu de $10.400 para $11.750.
A moeda agora é negociada por $11.400, após uma ligeira correção como a compra de moeda cônica de pressão.
A bitcoin está preparada para se mover para baixo a curto prazo, já que tem o objetivo de montar outra perna para este rally em andamento, dizem os analistas.
Os analistas da Crypto pensam que este é o caso, juntamente com os analistas do JP Morgan.

É provável que o bitcoin se movimente mais para baixo em direção a $10.700 após o forte comício de $1.000 nos últimos 10 dias ou mais. Um comerciante crypto-asset compartilhou recentemente o gráfico abaixo, que mostra que a moeda cryptocurrency está se consolidando depois de uma perna forte mais alta.

O analista pensa que a recente ação de preços está se preparando para um movimento em direção a $10.700, onde há uma média móvel pivotal, o Retracement Fibonacci 0,5, e o Ponto de Controle do perfil de volume do BTC nas últimas sete semanas.

Gráfico da ação de preços da BTC nas últimas semanas com análise do comerciante de criptografia Byzantine General (@Byzgeneral no Twitter).


Este comerciante não é o único que acha que o Bitcoin Profit está preparado para corrigir. Uma equipe de analistas do JP Morgan declarou recentemente que a moeda criptográfica poderia se mover para baixo, pois seu valor intrínseco fica atrás do valor real do mercado. A empresa deriva o valor intrínseco da Bitcoin da métrica de mineração, ou seja, o custo de produção:

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„Os estrategistas do JPMorgan disseram que calcularam um valor intrínseco tratando efetivamente a Bitcoin como uma mercadoria e olhando para o custo marginal de produção“.

Os estrategistas da JPMorgan vêem o ‚Modest‘ Headwind para o preço da Bitcoin

Gráfico da ação dos preços da BTC desde o início de 2017 com uma análise de valor instrínseco pelos analistas do JP Morgan.

Outro analista crypto-asset disse que a Bitcoin formou uma vela seqüencial „sell 9“ Tom Demark em seu gráfico diário. Isto sugere que haverá uma inversão de baixa iminente, já que „9“ velas são freqüentemente vistas quando um ativo atinge um ponto de inflexão em sua tendência.

O mesmo analista observou que estão se formando divergências de baixa entre o preço do Bitcoin em seu gráfico de quatro horas e as leituras do MACD e do RSI. O RSI e o MACD são dois indicadores técnicos cruciais que mostram a tendência e a trajetória de um ativo.

Gráfico da ação de preços da BTC desde o final de agosto com análise por CryptoHamster (@Cryptohamsterio no Twitter).
Fonte: BTC: BTCUSD de TradingView.com

After the raid by the US authorities, heads are falling at the Bitcoin giant BitMEX

The 7 Plagues of BitMEX – Fate continues to befall the leaders of the BitMEX platform. While its founder, Arthur Hayes, had to quit his position as CEO, the technical director of the crypto-exchange was arrested and then released on bail.

Arthur Hayes will no longer run BitMEX

On October 1, the US CFTC undermined the cryptocurrency derivatives platform BitMEX . The financial policeman has indeed filed a complaint on 3 charges against the leaders of crypto-exchanges.

In addition to causing a capital flight of $ 570 million in bitcoin (BTC), it completely called into question the management structure of 100x Group , the parent company of the crypto platform.

According to a statement published on the BitMEX blog, Vivien Khoo , the group’s former COO, becomes the new interim CEO .

“These changes in the direction of our company allow us to focus on our core business, which is to offer trading services to all our clients through the Bitcoin Evolution software. To us, business is business and we thank all customers for their continued support. »- David Wong, CEO of 100x Group

As this publication explains, „Founders Arthur Hayes and Samuel Reed have stepped back from their responsibilities as a general manager . “ The latter was also arrested by the authorities of the US state of Massachusetts, the day of the announcement of the complaint from the CFTC (October 1).

Samuel Reed released for $ 5 million

BitMEX’s now ex-CTO, Samuel Reed , was released on probation 2 days after his arrest, according to a crypto-media publication The Block.

Indeed, the District Court of Massachusetts would have approved on October 3 his request for release on bail , request that Samuel Reed had formulated upon his arrest.

Although in the amount of $ 5 million , the bond was only secured by a deposit of $ 500,000 in cash . According to The Block again, „the passports of Reed and his wife were also seized“ .

In exchange for his release, Samuel Reed also agreed to appear in court on his own for all legal proceedings and, if found guilty, to surrender to serve his sentence.

Even if, for now, “ business is business “ for BitMEX, the platform must hasten to put in place regulatory compliance protocols, in particular for the fight against money laundering. As for the 5 founders and ex-leaders of the platform, there is little chance that American justice will leave them alone anytime soon.

1,5 milliarder dollar i Bitcoin er nå låst i Ethereum

Det tilsvarer 3,6% av Ethereums markedsverdi, ifølge et instrumentbord på beregningsnettstedet Dune Analytics.

For å være tydelig snakker vi om syntetisk Bitcoin — Bitcoin som er konvertert til Ethereum-baserte tokens som representerer Bitcoin

Den mest populære er Wrapped Bitcoin, eller wBTC, som har 73% av markedsandelen. Neste gang er renBTC , med 20% av markedsandelen.

Folk flytter mye Bitcoin Trader til Ethereum for å få mest mulig ut av sommerens desentraliserte finansboom. Slike produkter som desentraliserte utlånsprotokoller, ikke-depotbørs og syntetiske derivater – som wBTC – var alle raseri i sommer. Men du må bruke Ethereum-baserte tokens for å bruke dem.

Last ned dekrypteringsappen

Få appen vår for de beste nyhetene og funksjonene innen fingertuppene. Vær den første til å prøve Decrypt Token og mye mer

Og de er fortsatt veldig populære, selv etter at oksekjøringen begynner å avta: Investorer har plugget 10,82 milliarder dollar inn i DeFi-smarte kontrakter, per i dag, per beregningsnettsted DeFi Pulse . Det er en tidobling fra begynnelsen av juni.

Merkelig – som en Redditor bemerket – Ethereum-basert Bitcoins figur på 1,5 milliarder dollar er omtrent 130 ganger mengden Bitcoin som er låst i Bitcoins Lightning Network, en protokoll bygget på Bitcoin-blockchain designet for å fremskynde transaksjoner. Lightning Network er den eneste Bitcoin-baserte DeFi-protokollen oppført på DeFi Pulse, som viser alle de viktigste protokollene. Alle de andre protokollene er basert på Ethereum.

Dette viser at Bitcoin-holdere generelt sett er mer interessert i å sette Bitcoin i arbeid på Ethereum-protokoller enn på deres opprinnelige Bitcoin-blockchain.

Mens verdien av noen DeFi-mynter klaffer rundt i vinden, går Bitcoins pris ganske bra. Den økte med 0,4% det siste døgnet, eller 7,23% den siste uken, til den nåværende prisen på $ 11385.

Tyler Winklevoss qualifie la dernière proposition de relance de campagne publicitaire pour Bitcoin.

Le co-fondateur de Gemini Crypto Exchange, Tyler Winklevoss, estime que la nouvelle proposition de la Maison Blanche d’un plan de relance de 1,8 billion de dollars est une campagne publicitaire pour Bitcoin.

Tyler Winklevoss estime que la nouvelle proposition de la Maison Blanche d’un plan de relance de 1,8 billion de dollars est une campagne publicitaire pour Bitcoin

Depuis le début de la pandémie mondiale, de nombreux pays du monde entier ont annoncé des plans de relance pour relancer l’économie en injectant des capitaux sur le marché. Selon le rapport du Wall Street Journal , la Bitcoin Circuit se prépare à une nouvelle proposition de relance de 1,8 billion de dollars pour aider l’économie. L’action d’injecter des capitaux sur le marché n’est pas considérée comme une bonne décision à long terme car elle crée un risque d’hyperinflation dans lequel la valeur de la monnaie se dévalorise considérablement. Tyler Winklevoss estime que la dernière proposition de relance aiderait Bitcoin.

Tyler Winklevoss appelle la proposition de relance une campagne publicitaire pour Bitcoin

Le co-fondateur de l’échange de crypto Gemini, Tyler Winklevoss, a tweeté que la Maison Blanche proposait une nouvelle campagne publicitaire de 1,8 billion de dollars pour le principal bitcoin de crypto-monnaie. Winklevoss avait précédemment évoqué l’impact des plans de relance massifs sur l’économie et le dollar américain. Le fait que la banque fédérale puisse imprimer des dollars à partir de rien prouve le cas du bitcoin. Il ne peut y avoir que 21 millions de bitcoins, alors que la banque fédérale peut imprimer autant de dollars qu’elle le souhaite.

Le Bitcoin a une valeur beaucoup plus significative que le dollar américain

Plus tôt cette année, Tyler Winklevoss avait tweeté que le principal bitcoin de crypto-monnaie avait une valeur beaucoup plus significative que le dollar américain. L’impression sans précédent du dollar américain par la Réserve fédérale a conduit beaucoup à se demander si le dollar américain peut survivre indemne. Cependant, les implications pourraient ne pas se produire avant des années, car le dollar a toujours une position dominante considérable. Plusieurs experts estiment que le dollar a déjà perdu beaucoup de son éclat. Tyler Winklevoss avait précédemment déclaré que le bitcoin sortirait plus fort que jamais après la pandémie. Au moment de la rédaction de cet article, le bitcoin se négocie à un peu plus de 11300 $.

BitMex hat seit der Erhebung von Gebühren durch die US-Regierung 45.000 Bitcoin geblutet, so dass andere Börsen davon profitieren

Gemini, Binance, OKEx und Huobi scheinen die größten Gewinner des BitMex-Fallout zu sein.

Mehr als 45.000 Bitcoin sind aus BitMex abgezogen worden, seit die US-Regierung Gebühren gegen die Börse und ihre Führung erhoben hat. Der 1. Oktober brachte zwei verheerende Schläge für BitMex. Erstens erhoben die CFTC und das DOJ Anklage gegen den Austausch. Kurz darauf wurden die Gründer (einschließlich des CEO Arthur Hayes) von der US-Regierung angeklagt. Der Markt reagierte auf die Nachricht mit einem starken Rückgang bei vielen der größten Vermögenswerte von Blockchain.

Dies ist nicht das erste Mal in den letzten Monaten, dass BitMex zu einer Abwärtsbewegung beigetragen hat. Die Börse begann zunächst das Vertrauen ihrer Teilnehmer zu verlieren, nachdem es am Schwarzen Donnerstag zu einem Stromausfall kam, der die Nutzer daran hinderte, zu handeln oder ihre Vermögenswerte zurückzuholen. Während die Benutzer in den sechs Monaten zwischen dieser Episode und diesen jüngsten Gebühren über 100.000 Bitcoin abgehoben haben, scheint der Exodus der letzten beiden Tage ein noch nie dagewesenes Ausmaß angenommen zu haben.

Den Daten von Crystal Blockchain zufolge haben die Nettoabflüsse von der Börse in weniger als 48 Stunden 45.000 Bitcoin überschritten. Inzwischen scheinen Gemini und Binance die größten Nutznießer dieser Abflüsse zu sein, gefolgt von OKEx und Huobi. Über 20.000 BTC wurden von BitMex an die vier letztgenannten Börsen transferiert.

Es ist unklar, ob BitMex im Abgrund der Zeit verschwinden wird, wie viele gescheiterte Börsen vor ihm, oder ob das Unternehmen überleben wird, um an einem anderen Tag zu handeln. Lance Morginn, der CEO der Blockchain Intelligence Group und ehemaliger aufsichtsführender Sonderagent im Heimatschutzministerium, sagte gegenüber Cointelegraph, dass das wahrscheinlichste Ergebnis Geldstrafen und ein Versprechen der BitMex-Führungskräfte sein würden, sich in Zukunft nicht mehr an ungesetzlichen Aktivitäten zu beteiligen.